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Green Compliance Total Solutions

With ezGPM.NET, all workflows are collaborated into one complete efficient process!

Our powerful combination of on cloud supplier services center and on-premise software enables OEM\ODM manufacturers  to comply with evolving global environmental regulations faster and easier!

​OEM/ODM Manufacturers

  • Improve document responses and orders efficiency

  • Improve the workflow of parts/green recognition

  • Lower the errors between procurement and supplier

  • Reduce the burden for QA / MIS

  • Reduce the tasks of communicating with suppliers

  • Manage green product risks more effectively


  • Cost-effective and time-saving

  • Centralized component database

  • Standardize, digitalize, automate to monitor material risks

  • Digitalize Environmental Quality Control to enhance corporate competitiveness

Green product survey and parts recognition process integration

Green Compliance Management.png


Custom Form
  • Customize forms & surveys

  • Communicate with suppliers

  • Allow suppliers to upload forms

  • Verify compliance requirements

Green Compliance
  • Create a material database

  • Keep regulation updated 

  • Survey hazardous substances 

  • Verify and audit

  • Track green materials and BOM

How ezGPM.NET Works

Eng of ezGlobal - GPM.NET 如何協助_ .png
ezGPM 6 proccess



根據我們的統計,多數企業內之品保單位人員為 ezGPM.NET 系統使用者,他們每天工作從早到晚就是掛在系統上作業,針對他們高度使用程度,得知:

  1. BOM 符合分析

  2. 廠商統計報表

  3. Report Tool

  4. 通知設定

  5. 表單模組

​為最受肯定的 GPM 系統功能,想知道如何透過 ezGPM.NET 系統為您解決 80% 的報表產出嗎?

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ezGPM.NET Benefits

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