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The EZ Way to Streamline the Environmental Compliance Processes of the Green Supply Chain

About Us

ezGPM.NET provides fully functional software tools for electronic manufacturers/companies to perform EU RoHS, EU REACH, Conflict Mineral, CA Prop 65, FMD management for global supply chain coverage and communication.

Green compliance for global environmental protection regulations is a moving target. We make it easy for  companies/manufacturers.


Our Services

ezGPM.NET is a hybrid cloud system aimed at helping companies comply with environmental product regulations such as EU REACH, EU RoHS, Conflict Minerals, and CA Prop 65. This solution enables manufacturers to collect, maintain and analyze hazardous substances and material data across all levels of their supply chain with the on-premise system while suppliers submit substance data or declarations through online portal system (cloud).

The leading solution provider of green product compliance management 

Cost-effective and efficient. Reduce manual errors. 

Easy to Integrate into existing workflow and ERP, PLM system

Service Model


Client List



  • IC 產業: 群聯電子、矽創電子、 迅杰科技 、強茂股份

  • 封裝測試: 南茂科技、 紫光宏茂微電子、矽格股份、台星科企、全智科技

  • ​半導體:禾瑞亞科

  • 零組件: 全一電子、雙鴻科技、 湧德電子、博大科技、 歐德斯、新至陞塑膠、 宣德科技、懷藝電子、 群光電能

  • 被動元件: 昶亨科技、精乘科技

  • 橡膠業: 金利橡膠 

System Integration

System Link

Benefits of GPM.NET


Microsoft Azure Cloud Services accelerate platform performance


Regulation updates, restricted substances, material database

Data Security

In-house green material and component database

​Customer Service 

Real-time customer service to troubleshoot problems


MVC framework for better user-friendly interface


e-learning online tutorials for suppliers to view instantly


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